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Akita Behaviour & Temperament - Page 2



First and foremost, every dog, not just an Akita, should be bite inhibited. He should be so reluctant to bite, that he does so only under the direst of circumstances. Even then, he should bite only once, and damage from the bite should be very minimal.

Second, an Akita should be accepting of authority, that is he should be submissive. Between and within breeds, the degree of submissiveness varies. The Akita's independent nature may well modify its willingness to cooperate.

Third, an Akita should like children. Just as retrievers like sticks and balls, this breed should have an affinity for children.

Fourth, an Akita should be accepting of non-threatening strangers, regardless of whether the stranger is friendly or neutral.

Fifth, an Akita should have enough confidence to be at ease an unfamiliar setting.

Sixth, an Akita should be trainable. He should be willing and able to learn behaviors that he repeats reliably.

Seventh, an Akita should stable around strange noises.

Eighth, to some degree, an Akita should have an independent nature.

Ninth, an Akita should have an inhibited nature. He should not respond to stressful situations by becoming increasingly excited or agitated.

Tenth, faced with a threat, an Akita should be protective of their family.

Eleventh, an Akita should be accepting of other dogs.



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