Kains Foster Adventure

April 2013 JAWT found a boy in a pound scheduled to be Put To Sleep.


The reason? He was simply an abandoned dog, unwanted for whatever excuse.


He was soon collected and brought to safety to a boarding establishment in Cheshire.

Here he flourished, he showed his potential and here he was loved. Every single day.

He watched many other rescue Akitas appear for boarding through JAWT, and then watched them all meet adopters or be collected for transport runs.

Still nobody came forward to offer him a home. We cannot work out why this boy waited so long in kennels, he had so much to offer!

After some careful introductions he was soon running in the paddock with a toddler, taking treats so gently, always having new photos taken to boost his case.

He really proved to be an absolute gem of a dog.

We tried everything to find him a new home, the support has been incredible, folk sharing him far and wide. Everybody working together to help him.

The staff at the kennels have been brilliant with him, particularly Gary & Hayley who most definitely have a soft spot for him.


He has learned new tricks and is such an obedient beautiful boy.


Well today was HIS day.


Today I collected this big beautiful bundle of fluff, went straight to the vets for his booster then started his transport run to his foster home in Torquay.


It was an emotional send off at the kennels, nearly 16 months there is bound to create many bonds.

He has been to the beach already and checking out his new surroundings with his Akita experienced foster folks.

I would like to thank everybody who has shared his information, supported JAWT, treated him on his Amazon wish list, (he took all of his goodies with him) kept him “hot” and a huge thank you to Antonio at Summer Hill Pet Hotel in Nantwich and all of the staff who have loved and cared for this boy.


Kain poses as he bids farewell to his friends at Summerhill



hang on, i'm posing... oh you have a treat... well why didn't you say so..

mmm more treats

Farewell kisses

your not escaping kisses either..

wubs you Gary!!

What was that noise...


One last romp around the paddock with the Caminator


I went on a big car journey where I got to meet some new people.. and some more farewell hugs

Look after the Caminator for me Donna, i'll miss him

Bye bye Aunty Wendy

Another Donna took me the rest of the journey...These human names are confusing... how u supposed to tell them apart...

Oh good, These people understand my doggy jokes


ooh been such an exciting day, just gonna catch 40 winks and dream of all my new adventures


Wow so this is what a beach is..

I can see a tree from here...

so many new things

come on, stop taking piccies.. I wanna go over there... I know I missed at least one tree...


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