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Dave – A tale of the unwanted


You may not have heard of me, but my name is Dave..

At least, that’s my name now, what it was before I can’t remember..

No-one recognises me, I cannot talk to tell people where i’m from and writing is impossible

So my original family remain a mystery.

You see, my story begins at the side of a busy road.. in a little town called Doncaster

I found myself there, all alone, a dreadful thirst, and so so hungry, I couldn’t even remember my last meal.. Afraid of my surroundings, but most of all my feet hurt so much I couldn’t walk

After what seemed like an eternity, some nice people found me and gave me some water..

Now i’ve drank a lot of water in the past, but never has it tasted sweeter

That first mouthful was like a last minute pardon to the condemned

After a little while, I was moved to some temporary boarding so I could have a roof over my head for the first time in a while.

I waited here to see if my family came forward, unfortunately this wait was in vain.

My new foster parents picked me up and took me straight to see some medical people..

The medics said I was grossly underweight, well I mean who wouldn’t be after being starved for so long.

I was so underweight a special diet would be required for a while to build me back up along with a month long course of antibiotics and some steroids to help my sore feet..

Oh what can I say about my poor feet, my nails were so infected that just clipping them caused pus to ooze free and the soles were inflamed and infected, to help the pain they gave me more pills

My new parents even had to buy new carpet for the path, sounds strange I know, but walking on the concrete was just too painful otherwise

Even though it has only been a few weeks in my new foster home the steroids have been reduced and my weight has greatly improved.

At the end of July I had my first visit to a show, where I had lots of fun and won some prizes, most of all I met some new friends.

As a special treat I also went for a wonderful pampering session..

My foster parents Jackie & Ivor say that i’m turning into a cheeky boy now i’m getting better, but i’m just loving life right now and making the most of everything I almost lost..

My name is Dave, I’m an Akita and I wouldn’t be here without the love and support of all those who have helped me through the most desperate of times..

While i’m happy once more, I still need a permanent home.

If you can help me, or one of the many others with their own sad tale then please visit

Adopt, Foster, Donate it all helps save a life...

Dedicated to Jackie & Ivor, and all those to whom I owe so much


Ps, I couldn't let you leave without showing of my pictures now could I..

This is me when I was collected

Dave the day he was collected


I could get used to this

Dave gets comfy

Me making good use of the new carpet tiles.... well they aren't just for walking on are they

I enjoyed walking and lying on the carpet tiles


They put me in the bath!!

Dave in the bath


My rossettes

Dave shows off his rosettes


News Flash

It's been a great start to this years re-homing with both Elvis and Choji adopting their foster parents.. We welcome them to the exclusive failed fosterers club

Also Eden, Hajime, Bertie & Kira, who are four of the eight puppies that JAWT stepped in to take care of at the end of October have gone to their furever homes

Please take a look at our dogs in need section for those dogs still available for adoption

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