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Rehoming Procedure

If you've come to the decision to re-home your Akita you will no doubt want to ensure that it is found a good, secure and loving home. We can help you! As the longest running Akita rescue and welfare trust in the UK we have the knowledge and experience to deal with finding your dog a good home.

Please fill in the rehoming form with as much detail and accuracy as possible. Once we have the form we will arrange to have one of our representatives get in touch to organise an assessment on your akita. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure our representative's safety is taken care of so please be open and honest with your descriptions.

We will try to arrange an assessor as quickly as possible but please keep in mind that JAWT is run by volunteers who have full time jobs, families and dogs to take care of. It may also be a case we don't have a rep in your area and need to arrange for someone to travel to you. Should you decide to keep your akita or rehome them privately please let us know so that we can remove them from our Dogs In Need section.

Please note, JAWT is not a rehoming centre therefore we are not in the position to simply bring dogs into our care. Your dog will need to remain with you while we find it a new home.

To rehome your dog please complete the rehome form found here


Neutering Policy

JAWT would like to neuter every dog prior to rehoming, but due to various issues such as a dog`s location, personal situation and finances, at present we simply cannot commit to it.

We will however endeavour to spay/neuter rescue dogs who come under our care in kennels. We will vaccinate also.

All male dogs in our care will be neutered as soon as we can. Females will need to wait a maximum of 12 weeks to measure where they possibly may be in their season cycle but will be booked to be spayed whilst still at the kennels.

A spay/neuter agreement must be signed by all adopters and a form will be supplied to take to your vet to be signed/stamped once the procedure has been carried out which must be within a month – so long as age allows for this - for males and three months for females, unless they come in to season in this timeframe meaning a new date for 12 weeks from end of season to be booked. If the dog has a medical issue, confirmed by a vet then neutering may be postponed.

Under contract, all rehomed dogs must be neutered, but here are a few points to consider why.

Eliminate unwanted pregnancies.

Eliminate the risk of disease associated with the uterus.

Reduce the risk of mammary cancer in bitches.

Reduce the risk of prostate and testicular cancer in dogs.

Reduce the risk of aggressive behaviour and/or roaming in dogs.

Help combat dog overpopulation.

There are many myths about neutering dogs, none of which are supported by statistics, science or experience! Like any surgical procedure, there are minimal risks associated which are miniscule when compared to the benefits of the surgery. Neutered dogs will have a decreased food requirement, so a simple reduction in food allowance will stop any weight issues before they can begin.

It is not cruel to neuter a bitch despite people who claim bitches should always be allowed to have “just one litter”. Pregnancy or delayed neutering could cause unnecessary health risks to your dog. Spaying will not cause incontinence either.

JAWT will not place intact dogs with existing intact dogs of opposite sex. Accidents can happen, mistakes have been made and we take a strong stance on this.


Transport Policy

The selection of transporters shall be carried out in the same manner as they have been for every other year.

  • All transporters are asked to have a cage or dog guard in the vehicle, also to carry a bowl and fresh drinking water.
  • A suitable lead and collar should be taken along with poo bags.
  • Contact numbers for all involved must be provided.
  • Clear instructions for meeting points/drop offs.
  • Vehicle details to be given to JAWT for our records. We will provide each transporter with the details of the car of the links they are meeting.
  • While travel times are subject to delays outside of the transporters control, transporters should make every effort to arrive at the arranged time, or at least safely contact the trustees/other transporters
  • Ensure mobile and sat navs are charged.
  • As transporters are widely spread out and the transport has to be arranged at such short notice it would be near impossible to vet them. Therefore we are asking for a photo of the cage or guard in place.
  • In line with our adoption/foster policy all transporters must be over the age of 21
  • A photo of the transporters driving license will be required

    Whilst we at JAWT appreciate all offers of help, for the safety of the dogs, and all concerned can all transport volunteers please ensure that their vehicle is suitable for the journey and risks of breakdown or other issue are minimised

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