Advantages Of Adopting An Akita

“Most rescues make exceptionally affectionate pets and extremely loyal companions”


When a dog has come from an unhappy background, it is more likely to develop a deeper bond with a new owner who offers it the love and care it has not experienced previously. They will be eager to please in response to the kind treatment and affection. These dogs will quickly learn to accept the good things the new owners have to offer and are likely bond deeper as a result. Many have known life on the streets, or chained up in a backyard, or worse, and will blossom in loving caring home. Most rescues make exceptionally affectionate pets and extremely loyal companions.

What You See is What You Get

When adopting a rescue dog it’s possible to specify whether you want a dog or a bitch. You can see what size and colour you are getting before you adopt. You will know that the temperament is acceptable before adopting. The Akita will have often been housed with JAWT or a foster home for a few weeks before adoption takes place health and temperament will have been monitored during that time. JAWT will therefore be able to ensure that the right dog is matched with the right owner / home environment.

Health Problems

Whilst there is never 100% guarantee that any dog will remain healthy for the remainder of its life, at least there is the consolation of knowing that at the time of adoption the dog is in good health, and that JAWT will be able to provide information on the regular health checks that are available (and in most cases are a condition of adoption).

Spay/Neuter Policy

Where an Akita is not already spayed/neutered this will be included as a condition of the adoption agreement. Under no circumstances will JAWT allow adoption of an Akita for breeding purposes.


The cost of adoption is a mere fraction of that for a new puppy. With the additional costs of vet and food bills, many people find the cost of purchasing a puppy is out of the question. While they feel confident that they can afford the upkeep of the dog, they feel that a large cash output upon purchase is just too difficult.


Many adopted Akitas are already housetrained and have some obedience training. This is because many of the dogs coming through JAWT are the result of a divorce, or bereavement and it is simply not possible for the original owners to keep the dog any longer. Puppy training is therefore not required, though in many cases new owners will prefer to take some form of obedience training with their new pet, simply to reinforce the bonding process.

24 hour Helpline

JAWT has a 24 hour National Helpline and a network of co-ordinators to offer support as problems arise during the Akita’s life. This support is very important in a successful adoption. The confidence of knowing that help is available has kept many Akitas from being euthanised.

Can You Help?

If you feel that you can offer a much needed loving, caring home to one these unfortunate Akitas, please contact us now.