Can Two Male Akitas Live Together?

We often get asked if two male Akitas can actually live together in harmony, have a read of this article for our opinions as this is a question we get asked a lot, typically by people that already have a male and are looking to rescue another. Whilst it is possible to have 2 male Akitas living together we would typically advise that if you have a male already, you look to rescue a bitch.

Male Akitas like to be the dominant force within the pets of a home, they always want to be the alpha dog. When you have 2 living together both will want to be the boss of the other and this is when problems can arise.

This is why we will typically look to have a male and female combination upon rehoming, there is less chance of there being any serious fall outs, although Akita bitches can and do hold their own ground and will often become the dominant force with the relationship.

As I said already though, 2 males can live together with no problems, this more often the case if you have a submissive male that will allow the other to be dominant.

If you already have a male Akita and would like to rescue another, please get in contact and we can discuss the options available to you.

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