Can You Recommend A Breeder?

This is a very popular one for those people looking to get their first Akita and who would prefer to have a puppy than a rescue dog, whether that be due to want or the unsuitability of their circumstances to adopt a rescued Akita. I’m afraid not – NO 

Don’t get us wrong, there are many very good breeders of Akitas in this country that we both know and respect – some are even members on this forum and some give up their own time and kennel space in order to help us rehome dogs.

But this is a dog rescue site, and our aim is to assist the dogs that need our help, not to promote the sale of puppies.

We appreciate that not everyone wishes to rehome a dog, and in many cases, people’s situations don’t allow for a rescue dog, so if you wish to find a breeder the best place we can suggest to look is the champdogs website where you will find many well known and respectable breeders – please avoid the free ads as this is not the place to find a well bred dog!

If you’ve found a breeder that is currently selling puppies, may we suggest that you google the name of the kennels or the breeder themselves. Any reputable breeder will be proud of their dogs and will have a website about themselves, their kennels and their dogs. Any one else that is selling puppies and does not hvae a site about themselves may be what we call a back street breeder with little or no knowledge of what their doing,!

If you’re going to buy a puppy, make sure it’s from a good source, a puppy for £300 advertised in the local paper is unlikely to be so!

Once you have your new friend, you’re more than welcome to join in the fun on here, post piccies and chat about this great breed, we simply don’t get involved in giving out specific breeders details – sorry.

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