How Do I Adopt A Dog In Need?

Adoption of any one of our dogs is fairly straight forward process.

The first step is always to complete the adoption form by following the link on the menu to the ‘Adopt An Akita’ page

Once we have received your form and checked it through you will be contacted with reference to a home check – this will generally involve one of the co-ordinators visiting your home with their dog to see both how you interact with it and to check to ensure the 6 foot fence you’ve declared on your adoption form is in fact 6 foot and not 3 etc along with general discussion and the answering of any questions you may have.

Once we are sure you can provide the forever home that our dogs deserve, we will start the process to find the dog that will fit in with your lifestyle and working hours etc. This may not be the dog you first saw and fell in love with, but if that first dog is not suited to your situation, we will not place them with you – it’s not fair on the dog in question

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