How Long Is The Rehoming Process

Possibly one of the most popular questions we answer on a day to day basis, for a more detailed answer, take a look at this FAQ article Re-homing time scales vary greatly, it can be as quick as just a few days but it can also extend to months in some circumstances.

Younger dogs always find new homes quicker than older ones, but it is generally more to do with someone both seeing and falling in love with your dog and passing the relevant home checks.

If we have someone already home checked and approved for adoption and they contact us about your dog, the process will be very quick as there is no need for a new home check.

Obviously we will take into consideration the dog’s needs first, so even if we have people waiting to adopt, if they don’t suit your dogs requirements, they won’t be adopting your dog and the hunt is one for a new adopter – this comes back to someone seeing and falling for your dog.

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