Is the Akita A Fighting Dog?

Having been shown a recording of a BBC program where an RSPCA officer introduced an Akita as a fighting dog and stating to the owner that ‘they do have a bit of a reputation, don’t they’ I figured I’d put this FAQ to to clear the matter up once and for all.

The Akita has never been bred for fighting, it was never used for fighting in Japan and it was never used for killing Bears!!

The only time I have ever heard of an Akita being used for fighting was over here in the UK, and as we all know, there are some very sad people over here that will use any dog they can for their sick enjoyment!

A for people saying they were used for hunting and killing bears, do me a favour, do you honestly think an Akita, or any other dog for that matter, would be strong enough and dangerous enough to bring down an angry bear??

The use of Akitas in bear hunting was simply for tracking and cornering until the owner made his way to the area to do the killing.

This is no different to the way many breeds of dog have been and still are today used for hunting.

So there you have it, simple really, the answer is no, the Akita is not and never has been a fighting dog!

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