Kobi – Happy 9th Gotcha Day

Happy 9th Gotcha Day

It’s the 11th of April. 9 years ago I received an email about a male Akita in desperate need of help.

I packed up my then JAWT Akita, Keyko, and set off on the motorway.
I drove many miles and got out to meet said Akita and do introductions.

All went superb and I headed off with my girl in the boot and this new skinny boy on the back seat.
Their relationship went from strength to strength and were firm best friends.
I failed at fostering very quickly with this one.

We’ve been through so much Kobi, many fosters, many seizures, house moves, a baby, so many good times and lots of tears.

You weighed 21kg as an adult Akita and were terrified of everything.
You have since helped so many Akitas, and people too, as a Pets as Therapy dog.

You survived the abuse, the beatings, the starvation for a reason. You knew I was coming for you.

Thank you to everybody who has followed Kobi over the years and thank you to Steph Hewitt for alerting me. I’m glad I managed to see you adopt your own Akita years later.

Happy 9th Gotcha Day to my heart boy, Kobi. Hoping for more.