Policys & Procedures

Foster Policy

JAWT are always looking for new foster carers. A foster home will keep a dog out of kennels and allow a thorough assessment to ensure it is placed in the correct home.

JAWT supply a full back up service to a foster dog. We will pay all veterinary fees such as vaccinations, worming, flea treatment and cover any medications should they require them. JAWT can provide food.

Potential fosterers must have room to separate their foster akita from existing dogs if they are untested with dogs.

A foster akita will be matched to your home. If we have a stray akita entering our care via a pound then we will not place that dog with children unless the foster akita is set up as a kennel dog.

Foster carers will need to have time to settle new dogs in. Foster dogs will be treated as a member of the family during the foster period. Daily walks and socialising are a requirement. Some foster dogs may require lead training, rehabilitation, toilet training or have specialist needs. JAWT will make all situations clear where possible.


Foster carers are expected to provide regular updates and photos to JAWT in order to increase the chances of re-homing and must alert JAWT of any issues immediately. .

A full home check is applicable when applying to foster. This will require a 6 foot high solid panel fence securing the garden where one is present.
Foster homes are not subject to a home check fee.

Should a foster carer at any time wish to apply to adopt their foster dog, an official adoption application will be needed and will be considered along with any other applications received.

To apply to foster, please fill in the adoption form stating ‘Foster’ as the dog reference. www.jawt.co.uk/adopt-an-akita


Complaints Procedure

JAWT values its relationships with volunteers and followers, and understands that sometimes we may not get things right. JAWT wishes to work with our volunteers, and followers to rectify any complaint and will follow the procedure outlined below to settle and resolve a complaint as swiftly as possible.

All volunteers, followers, and users of our website and social media pages should be made aware of this policy from the outset, not at the point when they have a complaint.

1. In the first instance of any complaint, the complainant is encouraged to raise the matter or concern at the earliest opportunity with a JAWT Trustee via email to complaints@jawt.co.uk

2. The Trustee will promptly acknowledge the complaint in writing by email. The Trustee will investigate the matter on behalf of JAWT and will respond to the complainant if possible, within 14 working days of the issue being raised. The Trustee will handle the complaint in a confidential and polite manner and will only discuss with other Trustees if necessary and appropriate.

3. If the matter is more serious, or cannot be resolved by the Trustee, or is associated with the Trustee personally, the matter will be referred to the Chair, preferably in writing. The Chair will promptly advise the complainant of this by email and will advise the complainant of how the complaint will be investigated .

4. The Chair should endeavour to produce a written statement of the complaint and the result of the investigation (eg: with an explanation and/or apology and any action taken) within 28 days of it being referred to them.

5. If the matter still remains unresolved, the complainant may refer the matter to the Charity Commission, details of this procedure can be found www.charitycommission.gov.uk/

JAWT also understands that at times, concerns may be raised informally: these can often be dealt with quickly, where JAWT can enable mediation between the complainant and the individual to whom the complaint has been referred. If this is not satisfactory however, then the complaints procedure above will be followed.


Safety Policy

Here at JAWT we take our supporters welfare seriously. We have put together a few notes to consider when carrying out voluntary work on our behalf.

When attending a homecheck, ensure a trustee is aware of the time and date and has your number.

If taking children with you, ensure the applicant is aware and that any resident dogs can be separated if not used to children.

If checking a dog free home, please ask if the applicants are happy for you to attend with a dog if you plan to.

Never turn up with children and/or animals without prior permission.

When attending an assessment, ensure a trustee is aware of the time and date and has your number.

Do not take children to an assessment.

Do not do anything the owner has asked you not to around the dog you are assessing.

Do not take children or other dogs on transport runs.

Do have somebody with you to monitor the dog.

Dogs should be placed in a crate or behind a dog guard.

Volunteers can claim fuel expenses, please have clearance in advance.


Continual Improvement Policy

We at jawt will operate a policy of continual improvement.

What do we mean by this. It means we will review all our policies on a quarterly basis to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

JAWT will consider any suggestions from supporters for further improvements of the newly published policies in 2 months time, which will allow JAWT to see how the revised policies are working. Thereafter all reviews will be on a quarterly basis

Any proposals put forward and agreed by the trustees would then be implemented as quickly as possible, or if declined JAWT would state why they were not prepared to implement.


Adoption Procedure

Thank you for considering adopting an akita. Please fill in an adoption form so we can begin the adoption process.

When adopting from JAWT you will be subject to a home check.

We will need to meet all members of the household at the home check.

We will need to see photo identification and proof of address i.e driving licence or passport and utility bill.

We do not discriminate against people who live in flats, as long as suitable exercise is given. Potential adopters who have gardens must have a secure fully enclosed garden with solid fencing preferably of 6 foot.

If you live in rented accommodation then please ensure you have the landlords written permission to own a dog, we will need to see this before any adoption takes place.

Our minimum adoption fee is £150 which is paid in advance of collection and is non-refundable.

JAWT will not place two un-neutered dogs in the same house.

If your existing dog has a medical reason why it cannot be neutered we will look to place a neutered dog in pairing.

It is JAWT policy when rehoming same sex dogs that each is judged on a case by case basis to assess suitability

We will endeavour to make the rehome process as fast and smooth as possible, please keep in mind that JAWT is run by volunteers with full time jobs, families and dogs of their own. If at any time you change your mind on adoption please let us know so we can remove your name from our lists.

Should any of your circumstances change and you feel you are no longer able to care for any akita placed with you, JAWT must be contacted.

Our adoption form can be found by clicking here